You're not here to waste another second postponing your life.

You're not here to waste another second postponing your life.

You keep telling yourself that you're "stuck." But there's a difference between being stuck and spinning. Spinning is grasping at one thing after the next to get to where you want to go vs. not taking action (stuck). You're ultimately doing A LOT, but getting (what feels like) nowhere. Well, I'm ready to give you the solid foundation you need with the clarity to get moving confidently in the direction you know you're capable of.

hey, fellow go-getter.

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Imagine a reality where you felt in control of yourself and life around you. Energized, motivated, and unstoppable are your default modes. Anxiety, stress, pain, and fear are old friends you greet and let pass on by. You have an unshakeable knowing in any given moment that you've got this, because you've mastered your energy and emotions so that nothing knocks you off your path to your potential.

This type of reality was just a pipe dream for me, only a few years ago. Ease, fulfillment, and a pain-free life seemed entirely out of reach underneath the deeply rooted patterns that were holding me back. But just like me, that's not going to be your story anymore.

You're Invited to Join Somatic Mastery.

Ready for some lasting change, for a change?

"Chrissy's attentive guidance and empowerment has set me on a trajectory to embody and embrace a new path. A path that I always knew existed, yet one that I never knew anyone else could see or believe in with me. If you're tired of "fitting in the box" and could use some support, guidance, empowerment, REAL and practical modalities of transformation, soul nourishment, and a sideline cheerleader who'll never miss a beat, then Chrissy is your gal!"

— antoinette

Experiencing a coaching program with Chrissy has been transcendent, to say the least. 

I was in the so-called "best years of my life," yet I was completely anxiety-ridden, stressed 24/7, in social isolation, playing small, with chronic pain. My nervous system was maxed out and I was stuck in what had become my "new normal." Yet, I had no idea I held SO MUCH POWER to change it.

I get it because I've been there, and I found my way out.

It was only when I started tuning into the wisdom my body was giving me and built somatic mastery that my life started to pivot into an entirely new, aligned direction.

but you know what?

The ultimate immersive group experience guiding you to get control of your emotional state by harnessing the higher intelligence of the body. With your body on board as your ally in life, you can then tap into the mindset awareness to create intentional change, so that nothing holds you back from living the life you know you're capable of. 


Somatic Mastery

There are TONS of groups programs out there that focus on transformation...

but the piece that most of these programs are often missing is that long lasting change has to happen with your body, first. Those money mindset hacks, positive thoughts, empowering mantras, habit tips and tricks, self-care tools are amazing... yet, they cannot be used to their fullest extent when you don't have mastery around your body's emotional and energetic state.

You know you're beating yourself up because you feel "smart enough" to do what you're "supposed to do." Yet, you continue to spin around in the same cycle. The tricky truth is that you will sabotage or block yourself from leveling up when you try to bypass somatic mastery because the deeply-rooted patterns in your nervous system will make sure of it. Somatic mastery is learned from the inside out, specifically in an environment of deep safety and connection, so that you're free to take micro-risks to learn that it's safe to step outside of what has become the "norm" (ya know, the "norm" you've just about had enough of). That is why an intimate group experience with guidance to embody somatic intelligence on the deepest level is what you've been missing.

here's what makes this different

Each month has a specific theme: Somatic Awareness, Somatic Intelligence, Somatic Resilience. At the start of the month, you'll join a masterclass or workshop on that month's theme that's interactive, science-based, and designed to give you all that you need to create lasting change in your life.

Around here we don't just take in more new information, only to make ourselves think we're shifting toward where we want to be! We're actually going to integrate and take action on this information to create intentional, lasting change. *deep breath of fresh air*

The Program's Monthly Structure


Activating Action

Week one

week tw0

Learning and doing are great. But "becoming" is where it's really at. Integration is what allows you to become that higher version of yourself that you've been hoping is possible. Don't worry, I got you covered.


week four

The #1 (science-backed) way to re-pattern your nervous system is to co-regulate with others. All of my top coaching programs have been groups because there is an intangible power in shattering inner blocks alongside others going through it with you. Learning to transcend your deeply-rooted patterns in a safe environment with others who "get it" is absolutely priceless and a key to your breakthrough.

Group Coaching

week Three


You freely live a life that's in alignment with who you are & what you want.

Imagine a reality where...

You master your emotional state so you can step into what's possible for you.



these results become your new norm:

Stress, pain, anxiety, inertia, sabotage are the rare exception, not the norm.


You are limitless in going after your life goals and vision for your future.


Say goodbye to surviving and say hello to thriving in your relationships, health, & life.


The Details

3 months of virtual coaching with your cohort, with the 4-week breakdown for each month detailed above.

3-month Group program

This program is meant to be an intimate immersion. I'm calling those who are serious about mastering their bodies to uplevel their life.

exclusive to 5 go-getters

Designed as a group program, however there is high touch connection with me throughout and 1:1 calls available for deeper level of support.

group & 1:1 support available

"Chrissy and I worked together to create steps I could take immediately that have allowed me to serve myself for the first time in my life. Looking back, I can’t imagine not taking the leap to work with Chrissy because so much of my inner self & mindset has changed. I feel like she helped me become more of myself, which is something my body is so thankful for."

Jessie B.



"Within 2 weeks after our session, I booked out my 1:1 coaching offers and made $30k in sales [previously averaging $1.5-2k per month]. I would recommend this to ANYONE curious about Chrissy's work. It will be the
best money you ever spent."

Jessie D.

SHATTERED her inner glass ceiling


Real REsults

"I fired my therapist of 5 years after Chrissy's intensive."

Within 2 weeks after her intensive, Jessie booked out her 1:1 coaching offers and went from an income of $1500-2000 per month to a whopping $30k in sales! One thing that she didn't realize (and most of us often don't) is that building somatic mastery is essential for stepping into more money and feeling safer to do so. Jessie recalibrated her body to be an ally into stepping into what was always possible for her. 

Jessie D.

increased her income by 20x

From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Chrissy."

Olivia knew in her soul that it was time to uplevel, in her business, her health, and in pursuing her life's purpose. While working together, Olivia harnessed the wisdom of her body, stepped into her full power over her reality, elevated her business to the next level, and ultimately shed the patterns that no longer served the higher version of herself that she *knows* she is here to be.


dropped her 9-5 & launched her dream biz

"I've gained so much clarity and wouldn't have gotten there without doing this."

Jessie was skeptical of joining the group coaching program as she just expected she wouldn't get much from it based on other coaching experiences she's had. Following the intimate and immersive program with 4 others, Jessie finally felt empowered to take control of her mind and body, so she could leverage her newfound clarity on what her purpose is (after 3+ years of feeling lost).

Jessie B.

Leapt into an aligned career path

"Before I found Chrissy, I was in a really bad spot. She was able to help me come back to life."

When Lindsay and I met, she was suffering from a bout of depression, she just walked away from a job, she had gone through a divorce a year earlier, and felt completely stuck. Learning about her authentic self and the patterns that were keeping her from embodying her truth cracked open next level self-awareness within her that gave her the freedom to be who she is without fear.


rediscovered herself & her self-worth

And don't you miss out on the bonuses below!

90-minute subconscious recoding session to breakthrough your mindset blocks (typically $500)

Grab your seat by Aug 22nd and add these to the mix:



3-Hour somatic Diet workshop to create your "diet" & override your stress on demand ($1500+ VALUE)

2 Human Design & Gene Keys classes pre-program to amplify your results inside ($1500+ value)

"I was never hesitant about joining this, but I was kind of like, 'How am I going to make this a priority? How am I going to make time for it and show up?’ But in every way, this was just an amazing experience and every single woman here is a testament to how powerful of a coach and guide you are."


I just feel like experiencing these shifts through everyone else’s eyes, plus my own, was just next level.

"Put another highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."


"This program was the best investment—ever!"

"And another one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

and another NAME GOES HERE

"This program has gotten me my dream clients!"

I'm Chrissy, your go-to guide on all things self-mastery.

After a life-altering injury sparked a near-decade long battle with a shattered identity, chronic pain, and lost sense of purpose, I reclaimed control of my fate and transformed from the inside out by rising from my shadows and claiming my "genius."

MORE about me

hey there!

"How can I justify spending money on this right now?"

You're no stranger to hearing about the importance of investing in yourself to get to where you want to go. So let me ask, what price tag would you put on being able to create the life that you want? What would it make possible if you had the tools to continue to support yourself moving forward, to be able to optimize your emotions, to leverage your body's wisdom, to trust your intuition, to take big action, to live into a life of alignment? The relationship of your dreams, the life you envision, the confidence you've been craving, the money you've been ready to step into. When you see what's possible, $595 to join the group or $959 for more 1:1 support becomes a no-brainer. I'm here to encourage you to make that investment in yourself when you're ready for all the above. Because you're worth it.

but I know what you're thinking...

"Life is so busy, how will I make the time?"

"Do I really trust myself to follow through and do the work?"

"Do I really believe that things can actually change?"

We choose what we spend our time on and we make time for the things that are important. And you're the most important thing in your world, as the core foundation the rest of the things in your life are built upon. You're worth spending time on and I'm here to help strategize what needs to happen to make sure you're finally the priority in your life.

I know what it's like to have said "yes" to things and to not shown up for it. The difference about Somatic Mastery is that this is an intimate container, which means that you're going to have more 1:1 support, a higher level of compassionate accountability, and a safer space to show up for yourself. This isn't about doing it perfectly, but about committing to yourself and letting me meet you halfway. The follow through is not all on you. As your guide, I'm here to help support you to get the results that you crave.

I know what it's like to have tried ALL THE THINGS and still not feel like they've gotten me where I want to go. I've invested more than $20k in "fixing" my mind and body, only to finally find the leaders I needed to guide me to the wisdom and power I hold within myself. It can be hard to believe the the change you want is really possible, after lots of failed attempts and lots of wrong fits. But the only thing that's required to say "YES" to this program is "maybe." Maybe it can be different. Maybe is enough to say "YES" to you.

Ready to Say "Yes"?

Ready to invest in your potential

Ready to rewrite those limiting patterns

ready to thrive, not just survive

ready to stop spinning your wheels

ready to take life into your hands

Everything you want is on the other side of Somatic Mastery

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