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Seeing a need for quality education and inspiration in the mind-body wellness space, Chrissy is set to launch her own show "ChrissyTV" in September 2020! Subscribe so you don't miss out.


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Get bite-sized breakdowns of how to use Human Design and The Gene Keys to tap into your "genius," the key to finding alignment in life with your identity, relationships, health, and purpose.

Discover Your Inner Genius

Learn Art+Science of Transformation

Get insights on tools and teachings from both the top-down (mind-first) and bottom-up (body-first) approaches to self-healing and holistic transformation. Expect proven science and spirituality to give a 360 view on how to uplevel your life.

what to expect on chrissytv: 

Guest Talks on Mind-Body Topics

Tune into next-level convos between Chrissy and her acclaimed guests from all over the world. Open your mind to the possibilities available to you through the power of stories and expert teaching.

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Get "tapped in" to who you're here to be and the purpose you're designed to live out by catching your weekly dose of ChrissyTV. Expect us to nerd out on the art and science of creating the life you desire.

And have a deep analysis or two of the coaching lessons hidden in our favorite animated movies (*wink wink*)!

I'm on a mission to help you align your life with who you're designed to be and unblock yourself from the patterns keeping you from the impact you're here to make.

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Mind Over Body: 3 Shifts to Live a Life Without Compromise

How Your Mindset Can Affect Chronic Pain

Chrissy Papetti, Former Performing Arts Athlete

Story Session | One Thing a Sidelined Athlete Needs to Hear

The 100th Episode Celebration

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The Sidelined perspective

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I'm Chrissy, your
go-to mind-body gal...

After a life-altering injury sparked a near-decade long battle with a shattered identity, chronic pain, and lost sense of purpose, I reclaimed control of my fate and healed from the inside out by discovering and living out my "genius."

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"I literally tell everyone about this podcast. I mean everyone. Like, to the point where I'm even annoying myself."

Five Stars:

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"This podcast saved my business. For real. I don't know where I would be without it. I'm seriously living my dreams rn!"

Five Stars:

Named Top 10 Mindset Coach in 2020

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