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Seeing a need for quality education and inspiration in the self-mastery space, Chrissy is set to launch her own show "ChrissyTV" in September 2021! Subscribe so you don't miss out.


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- Catherine

"Your guest episode on the 'Fit for Business' podcast was a Godsend. My prayers answered."

Five Stars

- Madison

"After my mom heard your episode she squealed when she found out you were coming to speak. She says you’re like Brené Brown! Which is basically saying you’re Beyoncé!"

Five Stars

Get bite-sized breakdowns of how to use Human Design and The Gene Keys to tap into your "genius," the key to finding alignment in life with your identity, relationships, health, and purpose.

Discover Your Inner Genius

Learn Art+Science of Transformation

Get insights on tools and teachings from both the top-down (mind-first) and bottom-up (body-first) approaches to self-mastery. Expect proven science and spirituality to give a 360 view on how to uplevel your life.

what to expect on chrissytv: 

Guest Talks on Self-Mastery Topics

Tune into next-level convos between Chrissy and her acclaimed guests from all over the world on mindset, identity, energy, and purpose. Open your mind to the possibilities available to you through the power of stories and expert teaching.


I'm Chrissy, your go-to guide on all things self-mastery.

After a life-altering injury sparked a near-decade long battle with a shattered identity, chronic pain, and lost sense of purpose, I reclaimed control of my fate and transformed from the inside out by rising from my shadows and claiming my "genius."

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