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Not everyone wants MORE from their life, but you do. You're not here to settle. You're done looking for answers from everyone and everything else, and ready to tap into the infinite power source within you. Learn to master your mind and body, and liberate yourself to reach your full potential.

Private coaching

You're wired to push yourself, and quite good at it, I'm guessing. But what if all your efforts, time, energy are being channelled in the wrong direction? Have you ever considered that living out of alignment with who you really are and what you're here to do is creating the very existence you want to escape from? And maybe, just maybe, the challenges you're facing are nudges from your soul to get back on track?

You're aware enough to know that there's a disconnect between what you're capable of and the way your life is unfolding in front of you. No amount of expert advice seem to do the trick.
I get it, and you're not crazy.

It's TIme to get back on track.

real talk...

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Shift your perspective entirely around who you're here to be & your blocks with the The Gene Keys & Human Design.


Take a quantum leap forward toward your desired reality with an accelerated coaching experience.

VIP breakthrough Intensive

Client-centered, customized 1:1 experience to take your transformation to the next level.

MONTHLY coaching program

Eight years ago, I was thrown into my own wake up call.

Pushing my body, my mind, my energy, and my spirit to its breaking point, my reality as I knew it came crashing to a halt with an injury.

With my dancer-centric identity shattered, I was broken and convinced my injury was to blame. But, it wasn't until later that I learned that the stress-fueled patterns that caused me to get injured in the first place were the root of my misery.

Injured or not, my soul was going to wake me up to the fact I was living according to everyone's rules but my own. I wish I could say the injury was enough to turn things around, but with no guidance to expand my awareness, I spent 5 more years blaming myself and searching for answers outside of me. That is, until I finally connected the dots.

i can help because i've been there

I had to learn to become the master of my mind and body to transform my reality.

Step into your power with

Multidimensional Mastery

my proprietary, evidence-based method for
inner transformation & outer manifestation

Master these dimensions within you and become the force of nature your destiny needs you to be.

Here's What You Need

trusted Information

In pursuit of lasting results, it's key to learn both the art AND science of mastering your mind-body connection. Teaching you the "WHY" behind what you're doing is a non-negotiable pillar of how I coach.

guided implementation

Self-mastery is achieved through experience, but you don't have to go it alone. With my guidance, you have expert eyes on your life to optimize the shifts in your mind and body for true change.

embodied Integration

The fusion of both a top-down (mind-first) and bottom-up (body-first) approach is essential for holistic change. You'll learn how to integrate these approaches to become truly limitless in reaching your potential.

"Chrissy was truly the first person that I’ve talked to that has just gotten it and made me feel like my life can change. The epiphanies she led me toward have already affected my career, my relationships, and my self-care routine, and the takeaways I now have are more than any therapy session has ever given me."


Drop your soul-sucking job and align with your soul-filling career path

Imagine what's possible

Fully express ALL of who are and be seen for your unique genius



when you embody self-mastery:

Become your own self-healer and resolve your stress-induced mind-body issues


Reclaim your power to shatter the status quo and live life on your terms


Become fear-optimized so that no goal or vision is beyond your reach.


"I fired my therapist of 5 years after Chrissy's intensive."

Within 2 weeks after her intensive, Jessie booked out her 1:1 coaching offers and went from an income of $1500-2000 per month to a whopping $30k in sales! One thing that she didn't realize (and most of us often don't) is that building somatic mastery is essential for stepping into more money and feeling safer to do so. Jessie recalibrated her body to be an ally into stepping into what was always possible for her. 

Jessie D.

increased her income by 20x

From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Chrissy."

Olivia knew in her soul that it was time to uplevel, in her business, her health, and in pursuing her life's purpose. While working together, Olivia harnessed the wisdom of her body, stepped into her full power over her reality, elevated her business to the next level, and ultimately shed the patterns that no longer served the higher version of herself that she *knows* she is here to be.


dropped her 9-5 & launched her dream biz

"I've gained so much clarity and wouldn't have gotten there without doing this."

Jessie was skeptical of joining the group coaching program as she just expected she wouldn't get much from it based on other coaching experiences she's had. Following the intimate and immersive program with 4 others, Jessie finally felt empowered to take control of her mind and body, so she could leverage her newfound clarity on what her purpose is (after 3+ years of feeling lost).

Jessie B.

Leapt into an aligned career path

"Before I found Chrissy, I was in a really bad spot. She was able to help me come back to life."

When Lindsay and I met, she was suffering from a bout of depression, she just walked away from a job, she had gone through a divorce a year earlier, and felt completely stuck. Learning about her authentic self and the patterns that were keeping her from embodying her truth cracked open next level self-awareness within her that gave her the freedom to be who she is without fear.


rediscovered herself & her self-worth

"It felt like the missing piece for me to move forward in my business in a very real way. If you're on the fence about whether or not to work with Chrissy, ABSOLUTELY DO IT! You will quantum leap. It'll feel like you took months of work and condensed it into a single day, and the results speak for themselves."


Money Mindset & Business Coach

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"Chrissy just 'gets it.' I've always had a hunger for tapping into my authentic purpose. The fire that fuels my growth mindset has never been matched until I met Chrissy. She not only helped me harness that fire — but focus it — challenging me to think differently about how I could access the best part of me. Her knowledge, delivery, and expertise were EXACTLY what I needed to take me to the next level."


More success stories

CEo & chief brand optimizer for OMG brand story

"Before I found Chrissy, I was stuck. I didn't know where to go next. She was able to help me come back to life. Chrissy really empowered me, not only to shift my mind, but to also help me understand my worth. Now I have a guide for how to live and step into my higher self. I would recommend Chrissy to anybody who's looking for a coach who's supportive and that wants to see you be the best version of yourself!"



Founder of Lindsay Wood Photography

Is This Right For You?

you're committed to take your life back into your own hands

you're eager to learn more about who you are & what your purpose is

you're ready to align your life with your authenticity to reach your potential

you're open to learning the arT+SCIENCE to recalibrate patterns not serving you

you're willing to dig deep to unblock your subconscious mind

Let's discuss in more detail what type of support you're looking for and what coaching option will best support you. In breaking down your current goals and the blocks you're facing in getting there, we can determine what level and mode of support will get you to where you want to be.

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