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Introducing a go-to place for bite-sized teachings and tools using the Gene Keys, Polyvagal Theory, and play to optimize your nervous system to thrive.

the ultimate self-mastery hub.

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Imagine having a process to decode your behaviors, energy, and circumstances so you have clarity on the steps to take and changes to make in life. Survival mode becomes the exception, not the rule. Fear and uncertainty become allies to you, not a debilitating state of being. This type of existence used to be out of reach for me...

It took years of connecting the dots backwards in my life to find the answers I needed to trust myself and resolve my pain by creating a life made for me to thrive. I'm here to help you retrain your mind and body to get out of your way and connect your dots to clarity and alignment in life.

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Ready for some lasting change.....for a change?

"She is one of the most brilliant, masterful coaches I have ever worked with, which is saying A LOT because I've met hundreds in the industry and on my own personal growth journey. She's helped me find a deeper understanding of how I'm uniquely wired which has created more self-assurance and self-trust, and has positively impacted every area of my life and business."

— DaNI K.

"I jump at every opportunity to work with Chrissy."

To quote Dr. Sharon Fieldstone from Ted Lasso... Even though I would 100% coach and teach for free, I can't because I wouldn't be able to do what I do. But I care so much about providing access to this education and support for everyone, so this idea was born. ALL of my best teachings, resources, ideas, and guidance at your fingertips for an entire year at 30x less than a year-long private coaching program with the built-in benefit of a community at your side.

All of the above at an affordable price.

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And what you really WANT is...

A hub for clarity, connection, and contemplation to optimize your nervous system so you can lead a life where you thrive (not just survive). This is a place designed for experimentation, not passive consumption of information. Let's talk details below!



Access an ever-growing audio series with bite-sized teachings and tips to use the gene keys to optimize your nervous system to thrive. Sprinkled in are a mix of "Spotlight" episodes featuring real-life application of the gene keys and CTD method with diverse guests from this community (including you!).

With monthly Q+As and an active community chat thread, you'll have regular guidance to integrate what you learn into your unique life situations. No more guesswork or trying to do it all yourself. I've got your back. (and, at a tiny fraction of the cost of my 1:1 coaching service!)

Here's What's Included

Private Podcast

Personal Guidance

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feature tw0

Having a space for community connection and support was non-negotiable. This type of self-growth and change doesn't happen in isolation. In fact, it's amplified when we're surrounded by others who can relate to us and mirror back new possibilities through their own journey. This is the laidback, support community you've been craving.

Tight-knit Community

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Picture an overflowing library of organized resources, tools, and tips specially curated to have everything you'd need in one place. It's accessible on-the-go so you can tune and in take advantage of whichever type of support you need to move through life's ups and downs in-the-moment with ease and confidence.

Boundless Toolkit

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You're feeling stuck, conflicted, uncertain, or lost in some area of life.

So what will this look like?

You go into the app & find a specific teaching to make sense of things.



Check out this on-demand support structure:

You go to the library & use an on-demand tool to reset your nervous system.


You post on the thread with Chrissy & community for support. 


You take aligned action & shift in real-time. Rinse, repeat, & thrive!


Next Steps

Choose the ideal subscription model that works for your budget.


Set up your account and get familiar with the new space.


Receive weekly guidance and teachings to thrive!


This experience is designed so I can be that go-to person in your back pocket whenever you need clarity or guidance. Why? Because it works. Just ask my clients...

Whether you're a...
  • Gene Keys fanatic
  • Nervous system regulator
  • Growth-oriented achiever
  • Self-mastery seeker
  • ...or someone who just wants answers already!

Instead of going through a course where you consume info & figure out how to apply it yourself, I'm doing the heavy-lifting to curate the teachings & tools you'd need at any time.

You're in the right place.

"How can we expect someone to give up a way of seeing and understanding the world that has physically, cognitively, or emotionally kept them alive? None of us is ever able to part with our survival strategies without significant support and the cultivation of replacement strategies."

Brené Brown, renowned author & researcher

Why trust me as your guide?

I've been obsessed with making sense of myself and my life experiences to reach my potential. If there was such a thing as getting an honorary degree in "seeking clarity," I would've earned it by now! But instead, I've used my healthcare and personal development background in Occupational Therapy, Life & Success Coaching, and several wellness modalities to help me connect-the-dots of my life's twists and turns so I could make the most of them.

I wish someone had laid out a process for me to figure out how I personally thrive and since I couldn't find a synthesis of the methods that helped me in one place, I decided to invent it for you.

...this is the hub of support & strategies you've been looking for

More on my background

What do I access when I sign up?

You access a virtual space on Substack. During Sept, you'll connect to Chrissy and the community. Starting October, there is new content dropped weekly via podcast audios, educational posts, and resource library, along with Q+As and a community chat thread with Chrissy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app?

Yes! To get the most out of the experience, you'll download the Substack app where you'll gain access to the Connect the Dots space once you subscribe. You can access everything via desktop too.

Can I get a taste of this experience first before committing?

Sort of! You can subscribe to the free option for the Connect the Dots Substack and access the public posts and resources there, which is different from the paid content, but gives you a taste!

Is there a perk for sharing this with others?

So glad you asked! Yes! Once you subscribe, you'll see the rewards for your referrals, including a feature on the podcast, private coaching, and more.

How does the subscription work?

It's a 12-month commitment and you have a choice between a monthly or annual subscription. If you want even more personalized support, there's a special founding member option.

How does payment work?

You'll opt-in to the subscription type that you want and enter payment information via the secure Stripe checkout process.

How is this different from other experiences out there?

It's the first-of-its-kind community and hub that has a growing resource library of teachings and tools fusing the gene keys and leading nervous system regulation research. AND unprecedented direct access to Chrissy and her support!

What if I want to cancel my subscription at any point?

It's a 12-month commitment to receive the full scope of resources that release month-to-month. If you want to cancel for any reason, please reach out at for assistance.

A unique feature that sets this experience apart...

a tool called "flip the script"

To reinforce the teachings and takeaways you learn each week, I'll provide a "Rx" (prescription) of media to watch that'll amplify your understanding of a particular gene key, concept, or process. The patterns and archetypes we find in our own behavior and life experience is mirrored by the stories we're exposed to in media. Instead of using TV, movies, or the internet to escape, why not use it to shift your perspective and make meaningful changes? This creative, fun approach will ignite deeper "aha! moments" because seeing something outside of yourself makes ideas easier to digest and adopt. How fun and cool is that?!

send me a message!

I'm happy to answer any questions that you have! Let's chat and see what the best next step is for you.

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