From Limited to Uninhibited

Everyone's got strategies for days! If I know you like I think I do, you've heard all the things when it comes to shifting your beliefs, "managing" your stress and anxiety, changing your behavior... the list goes on, right?. But if you're landing here on this page, I bet it's because those things fell short. And take a deep sigh of relief because I'm here to tell you... it's not you, it's them. You don't need another strategy, you need a proven process for deep, lasting change. You need a guide who's been there to show you how to reclaim your power to ignite deep change within you. Welcome, you made it to the right place.

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You're hardwired to succeed, and you know it. And you're not one to settle. You're aware enough to notice that the way things are going isn't living up to what you know you're capable of, and you want to breakthrough the blocks keeping you small. There's a way to achieve success and find inner fulfillment with ease. And it all begins with aligning your life with your inner genius and mastering your mind-body connection to re-pattern your nervous system for success.

You have more power within than you you've been led to believe. But if you're anything like me, you need help to breakthrough to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

Let's create the reality you know you're meant for.

"Within 2 weeks after our session, I booked out my 1:1 coaching offers and made $30k in sales [previously averaging $1.5-2k per month]. I would recommend this to ANYONE curious about Chrissy's work. It will be the
best money you ever spent."

Jessie D.

SHATTERED her inner glass ceiling


"Chrissy and I worked together to create steps I could take immediately that have allowed me to serve myself for the first time in my life. Looking back, I can’t imagine not taking the leap to work with Chrissy because so much of my inner self & mindset has changed. I feel like she helped me become more of myself, which is something my body is so thankful for."

Jessie B.



Real REsults

Ways to Work Together

Private and group coaching experiences to empower you with the tools to reach your potential.


Sharing the art and science of self-mastery to ignite holistic transformation.


Wondering how I can best support you? Let's hop on a 30-min clarity call to connect!

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The outer manifestation of what you most want is the direct result of the inner mastery you create.


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Redefine what's possible for you with client-centered, one-to-one coaching support. You've got options when it comes to how you want to take your inner transformation and outer success to the next level. All programs have been carefully designed to give you the information, implementation, and integration to create deep, lasting change in your reality. 

Learn to master your mind and body so you're free to express ALL of who you are and go after the life you know you're meant for.


You're ready for a customized experience and close support to break through limitations and rise.


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Signature talks or workshops that simply educate or inspire are not enough in world where we have endless access to information. It's often not that we don't know what to do, but we're not empowered with the tools, processes, and know-how to optimize ourselves for inner fulfillment and outer success. Inquire about how we can collaborate to take your event, team, or experience to the next level.

Open your mind to the level of results that are possible when you empower your team or audience with cutting-edge tools for success.


You want to bring your audience an innovative perspective on self-powered inner change for outer success.

Clarity Call

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Whether you're longing to breakthrough your financial glass ceiling, skyrocket your business growth, heal your emotional or physical pain, improve your relationships, or optimize your health and well-being... mastery over your mind and body is a non-negotiable skillset you must learn. Let's figure out how we can make it happen for you!

Let's connect and uncover what support is going to help you breakthrough your patterns to create the life you long for.


You're new around here and want to connect to share your story + learn how I can support you.

"I fired my therapist of 5 years after Chrissy's intensive."

Within 2 weeks after her intensive, Jessie booked out her 1:1 coaching offers and went from an income of $1500-2000 per month to a whopping $30k in sales! One thing that she didn't realize is that nervous system regulation is essential for feeling safe to attract more money. Jessie recalibrated her body using The Gene Keys as an ally.

Jessie D.

increased her income by 20x

From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Chrissy."

Olivia knew in her soul that it was time to uplevel in her business, her health, and in pursuing her life's purpose. While working together, Olivia learned to read the  her body's signals, trust her intuition, integrate mastery strategies to rewire safety to take risks, and launched her business with a whole roster of new clients.

Olivia M.

dropped her 9-5 & launched her biz

"I've gained so much clarity and wouldn't have gotten there without doing this."

Jessie was skeptical of joining the group coaching program as other coaching experiences fell short. Following the intimate and immersive program, Jessie finally rewired her procrastination patterns and took action to change her career path (after 3+ years of feeling lost).

Jessie B.

Leapt into an aligned career path

"Before I found Chrissy, I was in a really bad spot. She was able to help me come back to life."

When Lindsay and I met, she was suffering from a bout of depression, just walked away from a job, had gone through a divorce a year earlier, and felt completely stuck. Learning about her authenticity and self-sabotage patterns cracked open the self-awareness she needed to feel free to finally be herself.

Lindsay W.

restored her self-worth & Identity

"My session with Chrissy was everything I needed even though I didn’t know I needed it. She honestly described me better than anything, or anyone has before. It gave me clarity and validation, and allowed me to be more kind towards myself in moving towards living my most authentic life."

Kahra W.

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