Just when you thought
that your body is what's
keeping you stuck...

THINk again




Mind Over Body

Deadline to enroll:
June 20th at Midnight EST.

I'm Chrissy.

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-Maycee N.

"I was unknowingly at a point in my life where my daily decisions were centered around my pain. I was living in a disconnected state and I was losing my self-worth. After working with Chrissy, I have control over my thoughts & how they influence my pain, instead of feeling like a victim of my pain."

-Rachel D.

you've taught me more things about myself & what I'm going through than all of the therapists I've been to combined.

Your identity doesn't disappear when you have to step off the stage.
You get to redefine it.

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Being sidelined from your sport isn't the end of your story.
You get to rewrite it.


You don't have to be held back from the kind of life you want to live.
You get to redesign it.

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With love, Chrissy

Let's work togetheR!

I now know that my strength never came from my body. Unlike anything you can lose in your life, the defiant human spirit remains steadfast.
I am not my body. And you...are not yours.

Janine Shepherd



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