Through all my experience and education, I've learned there is one super-skill that has led me to thrive amidst life's inevitable detours, like healing unexplained chronic pain or finding purpose after loss. It's called self-mastery. If you feel stuck in life and looking for the clarity and tools to finally move forward, I've got you.


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I'm here to help you kick your old patterns to the curb and step into the life you know you're capable of.

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Are you looking for answers? Re-evaluating your life path? Feeling unfulfilled or unsettled? Navigating a life transition? The Gene Keys is a self-awareness tool you didn't realize you needed. And if you're familiar with the system, trust me, you've never heard about them like you will in this quick 3-part video series. Sign up below to get instant access to a masterclass-worth of information on:
  • The science behind what's keeping you stuck (it's not your fault!)
  • How to decode your personalized Gene Keys profile
  • Why the Gene Keys are proven to work for you by rewiring your nervous system

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I didn't realize how much time and energy I would've saved finding the answers I needed if I had the right person in my corner. Looking to get unstuck from what's holding you back? Learn more about my Self-Mastery Method to see if my system is what you've been looking for.


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I've made some of the best life-altering decisions after workshops and keynotes I've experienced. It inspired me to want to do the same for others. Looking for science-backed, soulful talks and experiences for your team or community?


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"I'm speechless. This is the first experience that I've had where the whole program was actually transformative."



To help you not just survive, but THRIVE.

Outsourcing the answers and solutions I needed to overcome a career-ending injury, cure my chronic pain, and find my calling wasted precious time and energy in my life. And I want different for you.

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The highly-requested, long-awaited membership is here! Join Chrissy and learn how to apply The Gene Keys to rewire your default survival patterns to thrive. The Gene Keys goes beyond self-discovery to show you the specific survival patterns in your DNA keeping you stuck. In this experience, you'll learn how to optimize your nervous system using this tool. Click below to learn all about it!

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