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You're on a mission to make an impact in others lives and I want to support you in doing just that. As an expert in Self-Mastery, I will partner with you to bring the art and science of transforming oneself and one's life from the inside out to your audience.

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This might not be groundbreaking news these days, since stress has become the "norm." Yet, it's a pretty big deal when you consider the top cause of this stress is job pressure and that job stress is estimated to cost American companies more than $300 billion a year! We now know widespread change is not optional, but a necessity for companies and organizations worldwide. And it starts with making the topics of mind-body connection, self-awareness, somatic intelligence, and holistic transformation a non-negotiable priority in your company's mission. Whether you're in a position to bring impactful change to your culture and practices, or you serve an audience whose success is negatively impacted by the side effects of stress, you have the power to ignite a ripple effect of change that will transform individual lives, company profitability and impact, and collective wellness.

More than 75% of Americans regularly experience physical and/or psychological symptoms caused by stress?

american psychological Association, 2014

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Ways to Collaborate

Single workshop or series of workshops to take your audience from awareness to integration for lasting change.


Signature or customized talk to deepen the awareness of a topic to transform your audience's way of life.


Podcast, show, or event speaker to create massive, lasting value for your audience in pursuit of self-mastery.

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"Have you ever heard a story about yourself? About everything you've never voiced to anyone? But someway, somehow an individual can stand in front of so many people and tell your story like a book. That’s how I felt listening to Chrissy Papetti tell our group why she redefined her life."



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"Like any other guest speaker I’ve been introduced to, I thought that there was absolutely no way I would take or gain anything from meeting Chrissy. But from beginning to end, every word that she said impacted me. No one, and I mean absolutely no one understood what I was going through. I thought that it would be like that forever until I met Chrissy."



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"I had finally met someone that made me feel less crazy about my injury. I met someone who knew exactly how it felt to have their hopes and dreams ripped away. I met someone who knew what it was like to start over and strive so hard to be a better person than yesterday. I met someone who I am proud to say has forever changed my mind and heart."



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"After nearly talking to her for an hour after the presentation, Chrissy made me believe in myself. She’s helped me understand that my pain does not define me or my life. She has opened my eyes to a bigger and brighter future where I KNOW what I want to do and what I WILL do to live on purpose."

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because eight years ago, I needed to hear my own message. 

Growing up as a relentless high-achiever, I had resilience for days, but a totally skewed perception of stress and how to handle it.

Unknowingly inflicting physical injuries, chronic pain, anxiety, and self-sabotaging patterns on myself with the inner workings of my mind and body, I created the very existence I was trying so desperately to escape. I never realized that I had capacity to shift it all within myself, with the right tools, teachings, and guidance.

i use my voice today...

When we learn how we're wired to thrive, we can CREATE the personal patterns in our mind & body that we need to succeed.

Here's What You Need

People who understand their power

When a person understands how to master their  mind-body connection, there is truly no limit to their success and potential.

people who embrace who they are

When a person has permission to let go of who they were told they "should" be, they stop fighting how they're designed and make room for less stress, more flow.

people who fully embody their genius

When a person embraces their authenticity, they can fully tap into their unique "genius" to enhance their work, relationships, health, and quality of life.

"After my mom heard your episode she squealed when she found out you were coming to speak. She says you’re like Brené Brown!"

founder of "the confident creative's workshop"
& host of "The Fearless Chase" podcast


An evidence-based, multidimensional approach to success and wellness

What to Expect

A bridge between the art and science of personal and professional success



if we team up:

A holistic background in a wide scope of transformational modalities


Client-centered focus to optimize the effectiveness of the service you receive


Dynamic, spirited Italian energy to make self-transformation engaging & effective!


“My favorite part of the event has been Chrissy Papetti, who actually took us through a visual exercise to identify who we really want to be and how we want to be empowered in order to get to that point in our journey. ”



We're the Right Fit If...

You know the power of a science-backed approach to mastery for your audience

you want an innovative take on how to support your audience's biggest goals

you want a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to supporting your people

you believe in the art and science of mastering your mind+body for true change 

you want your audience leaving your event in the energy of possibility 


We're the Right Fit If...

You want to optimize your team's productivity by tapping into their genius

you value employee health + quality of life, providing support for lasting impact

You want to be in the 10% of businesses prioritizing employee access to wellness

You value bringing cutting-edge support to enhance your team's performance

You know your team values personal development to skyrocket their growth


More information on signature talks and keynote topics available once your speaking/event inquiry has been received. Custom presentation topics are available following a consultation with Chrissy. Both virtual and in-person options for speaking engagements are available, depending on what will best serve the needs of your organization, team, or business.

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